Lifeless stray leaves turned rusty brown.
Breeze swirled ‘em up and down
Your body shivered and trembled
And those pale finger-tips went numb,
Until his embrace made you warm.

Time has long faded those moments,
Fragments of weathered memories linger here,
Frosty wind still sweeps through you
It’s getting cold, colder each year

Mirror reflects insanity of old age,
Twinkling, wrinkled, brown eyes hold your gaze.
Fragrance of dry roses creeps out of an old diary,
Pages left- torn, wet and teary.

Blissful silence prevails at night
Until your worst nightmares take control
His mournful voice, still haunts
Echoes through your soul.

So, hold on
To your delusional thoughts,
And listen to his soft whisper,
“I won’t let you fall”
-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty
Copyright © 2015


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