A sudden rush through my veins
Even though,
I’ll have to let it slip away,
Like a tear drop in an ocean
And joy beneath the pain

I can live under these stars
They sparkle so bright.
Don’t need your senseless hate
I’ll survive my frights

Like a rain drop from the sky
I’ll melt away from your chains
They’ve smothered me for too long,
Soon you’ll witness
Your every essence is gone

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015


18 thoughts on “LETTING GO…

  1. Awen

    This is really applicable to the last stages of PTSD recovery, when you’ve faced the truth that something senseless did happen, felt all the repressed grief, fought to reclaim your innocence instead of trying to make the senseless make sense by being your fault someway and have reclaimed yourself. It would be nice if it somehow could be in a trauma recovery book’s later chapters. You can’t rush to this or it’s false, only when you’ve gone through all that work can you let it go, I guess we can’t let it go until we fully accept it happened and it wasn’t our fault. This has that nature.

    I don’t like poetry because it’s rarely something to which I can relate, but I enjoy your site because you make poetry accessible. I don’t follow blogs aside from close friends (too sick and ADHD would make me neglect self care if I got into cyberspace too much) but I do appreciate you reading my blog.

    That you’re not a poetry student but are someone who values creative self expression because of its emotional, spiritual and probably even physical rewards makes me value what you do even more. Everyone is rushing, seeking happiness in working, focusing on money, on consuming, on external things, to see someone who is in “the real world” making art because of how it affects her IS inspirational. We all loved creativity as children and I’ve found it’s necessary for my vitality and harmony. It’s often the first thing to go when stressed, which makes it so much more important. (It’s funny how when stressed we often do our worst habits and drop those that help!)

    I wanted to tell you that you have great glasses too.

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      1. Awen

        Wow, good for you! I can’t believe I actually understood the poem LOL. But honestly, yeah, good for you freeing yourself and making it that stage. I believe anytime anyone does that, it heals the world and makes momentum for others. My mother says that experience which you wrote about is the Resurrection of Christ in the world, the truth and love being restored. (She’s a very cool Priest!)

        The glasses rock, I for three days was actually going to find a way to mention them in a video so you’d know but then I realized I could just tell you LOL!

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