There was a time,
You thought you could touch the sky
And your daydreams were of Fairy-tales
And believed that you could fly.

There was a time,
You build sandcastles
Put the victory flag on top
You were the ruler of the world.

Then came a time,
You grew up too fast
Nothing was what it seemed,
Innocence wasn’t meant to last,

Although it’s been so long,
And life has now moved on,
Remember, nothing’s truly gone,
Just hidden in memories from the upfront.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015


28 thoughts on “INNOCENCE

  1. We are trying to remain optimistic in adulthood 🙂 Thank you for visiting us and following our blog. We are three South London girls working hard to make our bad times into positive learning experiences, and we thank you for supporting us. Love, light, peace from Anna, Jacqueline and Vicky

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  2. Sometimes I do wish I could turn the hands of time back to the time when a tot I was, and no queers I harbored. Reading this made me sort of nostalgic for those years of innocence when “daydreams where of fairy-tales” 😊

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