Dear Poet,


Another silent night
No sign of sleep
In the vigil of soliloquy
Thinker, think.
Let your mind roam afar
Travel among the stars.
Scattered thoughts,
Pick them up,
Ink ’em deep
Into a penned verse.

‘Tis a world
Of dreams you’ve dreamt
Or demons inside your brain
Or maybe a someone
You’d once met
In real world
Or a feeling, disdain

“You’re Insane!”
They might dictate
When life is all science
And people claim,
“There is no God!”
Robots are Saints
And their minds
Are made of equations

Somehow somewhere
Even if out of focus,
This treasure still remains.
And they’ll criticize
When your words are
Beyond their reasoning.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015

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91 thoughts on “Dear Poet,

      1. Jai

        I swear girl. Sorry to say this but if u compare once to others poetic lines u can get that. Hmm seems so professional dear, guess u write more often. If someone is trying to inspire u then they can gather all your poems and gift wrap them to u 😀 B-)

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  1. None Other Then Hannah

    This resonates with myself as a poet of sorts, writer, singer…I am a believer in God, but believe in walking out what is written, not being a ‘forgetful hearer’ but one who does to the best of her ability try, the rest is reliance on God…I’ve had a struggle or two in my life, and this poem fits well for myself because ‘let my people think’ and ‘come and reason with me’ is the God I know…You’ve put into words what deep thinkers and writers see…Thanks for writing, keep it up 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much… It really makes me happy that my writing can relate to your life… It’s kind of the reason why I write… To inspire people and this really makes me feel that I’ve been at least a tiny bit successful in what I want to achieve 🙂

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  2. Hi Sanghamitra! Lately I’ve been enjoying your work more than many others’ (with the tendency to check my notifications every so often) and considering the fact that you’re a fellow Bengali (judging from your last name, of course :P), I was wondering if I could have the privilege of interviewing you as the first blogger for my new series: “Boundless Bloggers.” (The name’s a work in progress). You can contact me at if you are interested! I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

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    1. Interview? I don’t think I’m that famous for being interviewed. I’m pretty new in blogging and it has been hardly a month… So, I don’t think it’s a great idea… Maybe someday I will… Sorry if I hurt your feelings and I truly want to let you know that I’m grateful that out of all these bloggers you chose me 😦 Sorry


      1. That’s completely fine! I understand your reservations! In case you were wondering, I didn’t attempt to choose bloggers based on their following; I’m striving to arrange interviews with talented bloggers. Maybe after a couple months I’ll contact you again. I’d love to collaborate in the future. For now, happy blogging!

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  3. Our minds can get so active, and creative in the night hours instead of sleeping. When I was young, and in difficult circumstances, my bed and my mind helped me escape to the future where I thought I could have control of my life. Your poem reminds me. My mind wonders- am I now in control?

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