Valentine Blues

Red velvet dress
Under the bed,
Riding on daydreams
Non-breathable corsets.
Waiting for perfection,
That feeds the mirror,
Faking a smile,
Mustering the fear.

And there in the blues,
As blue as his eyes,
There lies a little bit
Of red Valentine.
Surreal and bizarre,
By so far.
Love seems mean,
Hate takes its turn.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright Β© 2016

Image Artist David Talley


52 thoughts on “VALENTINE BLUES

  1. Really nice….This made me think of years ago when I was working in a book shop. All of the unattached store clerks went out together on Valentines Day. It was a nice way for the group to have moral support at a time of year when being unattached can feel awkward for some. It was a light evening of fun for them full of humor.

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  2. I admire this depiction of Valentine’s and romantic love. Hopeful and contrary. The last lines, though, are especially evocative: “Love seems mean,/Hate takes its turn.” Reading “She Wolf” really sold me, too. Beautiful, powerful–yet she must elude the killing intention of the human world. Thank you!

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