Soliloquy in Ruins

They commanded-
“Open your pinions
Take the flight”

Soared through blind pages
Of destiny which
Drenched you in icy frost
Heavy and heavier
Weight of the world
Upon your shoulders.
Crashed into the illusion
Of fame and fortune
Blocked the faint reflection
Of your heart’s bloom

Now Dear-
Hear who’s laughing
Radiating your anguish
Do you regret?
That path untaken?
Are you not haunted?
By dreams,
Untouched, still broken?
Who will you hide from?
You are your own destruction…

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2016

Image Source Kareva Margarita



74 thoughts on “SOLILOQUY IN RUINS

  1. Both the picture and the words are haunting, indeed. Life: it’s all about choices, and when we can’t see the end, how do we choose at the beginning? How can anyone know the consequences? We live in the world ruled by escapees from Pandora’s box, don’t we.

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  2. Wow Sanghamitra. Very deep poem. I can feel the words here. Very well written.
    ‘Untouched, still broken?
    Who will you hide from?
    You are your own destruction…’
    I can connect to these lines.
    Have a great time. 🙂

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  4. Nitin

    Hi Sangha. I hope you are doing well. Kindly follow me at new blog address ( the old one isn’t working anymore. thanks a lot 🙂

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  5. stepbystep

    This is beautiful! Bravo!!!
    Whenever you have time, please stop by my last post (everything is falling apart) because I really need as much advice as I can get…
    Thanks in advance,

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