Hidden, it’s what you’ll ever be
From the outside world
From the sun and the trees
And the night sky of stars

You’ll walk in circles
Believing your ‘dears’
In rooms of cold walls
And heave sighs of dusty air

No one ever sees thee
But they all stare
Just not deep enough
To surpass those fears

Fearless, a word of such strength
A strength, flooded with tears
That reddens thy eyes
Silent curses, they can’t hear

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2016

Image Source : https://img.shockblast.net/2015/06/evgeni-kolesnik-photography-ShockBlas-20.jpg


24 thoughts on “HIDDEN

  1. sherinsk

    Maybe you in your poem just stated he is hidden to our external eyes right?sorry if i red your poem wrong 🙂
    I always liked a simple concept of god.He might not be human also.just some form of energy or power which we humans call as jesus or allah or krishna 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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