A December Night


Gazing out the window
I think of life and death,
And how we live in moments
Which turn to yesterdays…
I think of what promises
I’ve still kept,
The cuckoo cries
As your gestures fade.

Picture-perfect smiles,
Long nights in memories,
Try not to recall
Try hard to forgive.
A dog barks at a stranger,
I wonder who he is
If he has ever fallen in love
Then fallen right out of it.

The streets are cold
And the breeze, colder;
As it kisses my wet cheeks,
Yours used to be warmer.
Now I hear the trees sing,
Like you played on guitar strings,
I stare at the night sky,
Clouding my dreams.

You tore my heart apart,
Said you regretted it,
Heard you’ve moved on now,
“Us?” Just a memory.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright Ā© 2016

Image Source : https://memyselfandela.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/bed-black-and-white-girl-window-favim-com-178300-917.jpg


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