Bigg Boss Conspiracy Theory


All of the conspiracy theories in this blog post are just theories. I am not stating that any of them are fact. It is for entertainment purposes and not meant to harm anyone or any company.



Bigg Boss is a reality TV show that is the Indian version of Big Brother. Recently the season 11 of this show started airing and after just watching a few episodes I had to make this post. The entire show is about celebrities sharing a big house with cameras watching their every move. And then there is the Big Boss who basically tells them what to do. He is only heard, not seen and is the all-knowing and all-powerful figure. It feels like they don’t have any freedom and are just puppets getting commands from the “Big Boss”. Also, the logo of the show is one big eye watching everyone.

What I feel is the show is actually a representation of the all seeing eye watching our every move and how to government has control over us. We think that we are free but actually we are just slaves to the system.

Also in this season there are neighbors of the actual house of celebrities. They are supposed to make up this whole pretentious story about how they are all related to some very rich businessman. And the Big Boss has told them they can only enter the main house if they are able to pull off this act and fool all the celebrities living in the main house.

It also shows how much power Big Boss has and is able to turn lies into the truth which also has a lot of political aspect towards it.


Lastly, the show is created and distributed by EndemolShine India. Guess what? Their logo is also one big eye and I don’t know about you but Endemol also sounds a lot like “End ‘em all” or “End Them All”. Also it is an anagram of the phrase “Le Demon” which basically means The Demon. So creepy!




She sat on the bed, eyes fixed on the clock and wondering why its hands only turn one way. It was past 12:30AM; a new year, a new beginning for everyone except her. For her it was a new ending. Or at least that’s what she thought in her head. Wearing his old shirt wasn’t going to bring him back. Nothing is meant to last forever. That she had known. But this? This was the last straw. Her hand traced the edge of his shirt, and wondered why she was still wearing it. It smelled like him; a smell that had become familiar over the years. He promised, then why? Why did he break it? Why was she not his first priority? Maybe some questions don’t have any answers. And maybe it is for good. Since those answers would have hurt a lot more than his absence. Someone said that you can’t love someone as much as you can miss that person. It was the terrible truth. Some fireworks were still sparkling up the night sky, like his eyes sparkled with joy when she had said yes. But all that sparkle was temporary. Her eyes were red. A tear rolled down her cheeks as she heard voices and laughter in some distant place… fading with each turn of the clock’s hands, that has made her older and weaker with every ticking second.

46 Minutes Ago

“Sarah? Are you coming with us babe?” Trisha asked once again. Maybe best friends always seem to know what’s going to happen. She never liked Sid anyway.
“No, I told you Sid’s coming home tonight. He promised.”
“Well he had promised a lot of things earlier. Are you sure he’s coming? Has he called you yet?”
“No… But he’ll come. I know my fiancé more than you do. So go, okay? Don’t worry about me. I’ve planned the perfect candle light dinner for us”, Sarah said with a wink.

After Trisha left, she sat on one of the two chairs surrounding a table on which the flames of four candles were dancing without music. She tried to be patient, and then finally decided to send a text:

Have you landed yet? God! When will I get to see your angel face! Come home. Love you. XX

A few minutes had past. There was no one in the house. It was too eerily silent. She could hear herself think. Think about what Trisha said. “No, he will make it this time. I know he will,” Sarah muttered under her breath.
Suddenly the phone’s ringtone broke the silence. It was him.

Sarah: I knew you’d come. You have no idea what I’ve…

Sid     : Hey! Listen Sweetie. I tried my best. But there’s a conference tomorrow. I’ll have to attend it.

Sarah: WHAT? You’re joking right? This isn’t funny Siddhartha.

Sid     : It’s not a joke. I’m on my way to New York. But I promise I’ll make it up to you. And don’t worry; just tell me what you want for the new year present. I’ll bring you anything. Just say it Babe.
(It took her a few seconds to realize what was happening… again. History always has a tendency of repeating itself.)

Sarah: You.
(There was a pause. Almost for too long. They could hear the countdown had begun. “10! 9! 8!…”)

Sid    : I can’t come. I’m… Sorry.

Sarah: So am I.
(“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” The crackers’ and fireworks’ bursting sound filled the air with ‘joy’ as she hung up her phone.)

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty
Copyright © 2016

Image Source Unknown

P.S. “HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. You’re amazing!” XOXO Hope this year brings you colors and happiness in life 🙂