A December Night


Gazing out the window
I think of life and death,
And how we live in moments
Which turn to yesterdays…
I think of what promises
I’ve still kept,
The cuckoo cries
As your gestures fade.

Picture-perfect smiles,
Long nights in memories,
Try not to recall
Try hard to forgive.
A dog barks at a stranger,
I wonder who he is
If he has ever fallen in love
Then fallen right out of it.

The streets are cold
And the breeze, colder;
As it kisses my wet cheeks,
Yours used to be warmer.
Now I hear the trees sing,
Like you played on guitar strings,
I stare at the night sky,
Clouding my dreams.

You tore my heart apart,
Said you regretted it,
Heard you’ve moved on now,
“Us?” Just a memory.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2016

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Hidden, it’s what you’ll ever be
From the outside world
From the sun and the trees
And the night sky of stars

You’ll walk in circles
Believing your ‘dears’
In rooms of cold walls
And heave sighs of dusty air

No one ever sees thee
But they all stare
Just not deep enough
To surpass those fears

Fearless, a word of such strength
A strength, flooded with tears
That reddens thy eyes
Silent curses, they can’t hear

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2016

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Soliloquy in Ruins

They commanded-
“Open your pinions
Take the flight”

Soared through blind pages
Of destiny which
Drenched you in icy frost
Heavy and heavier
Weight of the world
Upon your shoulders.
Crashed into the illusion
Of fame and fortune
Blocked the faint reflection
Of your heart’s bloom

Now Dear-
Hear who’s laughing
Radiating your anguish
Do you regret?
That path untaken?
Are you not haunted?
By dreams,
Untouched, still broken?
Who will you hide from?
You are your own destruction…

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2016

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With every ticking second
Silently at night
My mind will
Swim into the secrecy of Thy heaven,
Silently as though an angel
Kiss my sore eyes
And draw the curtains of Death.

For life isn’t mine
Thee gave its wonders to me
And time will return it back to Thee.

The oblivious world,
Would erase each footstep of mine
And the mornings and nights,
Would greet new fingerprints of life

All I ask for is Lord
Give me the strength,
To embrace forgiveness and sorrow,
And break away from earthly chains,

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2016

P.S. This poem was inspired by the songs Born to Die by Lana Del Rey and Lost in Paradise by Evanescence.

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The clinking of sharp knives
Traps of death cages
Cruelty in their blood
Urging to kill for days


Dew drops in the air
Clogging her view
More or less
Humans’ thrill to kill is never new
Listening to the voices in the dark
She walked past the park
Soft breeze sang to her
As she smelled the killers
Insomniac hunters
Began the chase


Run to the woods
Time to get lost again
Your silver eyes
Will survive through nights and days
You never belonged with the humans anyway…

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2016

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It’s crumbled up madness
Lines in verge of fade,
With each tear
Falling as I cave,

It’s my reflection
That’s unrecognizably changed,
Life and death intertwined,
Why do we love in vain?

It’s too high a price,
Age has made us pay
As I stand upon your grave
Holding the letter, forever unsent.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2016

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Dear Poet,


Another silent night
No sign of sleep
In the vigil of soliloquy
Thinker, think.
Let your mind roam afar
Travel among the stars.
Scattered thoughts,
Pick them up,
Ink ’em deep
Into a penned verse.

‘Tis a world
Of dreams you’ve dreamt
Or demons inside your brain
Or maybe a someone
You’d once met
In real world
Or a feeling, disdain

“You’re Insane!”
They might dictate
When life is all science
And people claim,
“There is no God!”
Robots are Saints
And their minds
Are made of equations

Somehow somewhere
Even if out of focus,
This treasure still remains.
And they’ll criticize
When your words are
Beyond their reasoning.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015

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Dreams in your mind
Memories of some kind

And you might
Even recognize,
A face or two
Running out of clues?

Burning cinder, ashes
A recognizable scent
Or blinking lashes

Underneath what’s hidden
It can’t be defined
It’ll make you wonder
Might even waste time

And it’s over when you wake up
Like flaws underneath makeup

Although, wouldn’t it be fun?
I truly intend no pun!
These dreams could be replayed
On T.V. or Netflix instead!

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015

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Once, every year
I visit the city on hills
Where lovers dance round snow globe,
And the busy streets

I hear the church bells ring
The coldness and chills
Are gone when a dove sings
Hallelujah for Him

Snow flakes fall
White crystals
And the Christmas decors
Hang around trees

Like warmth in cold air
And blessings from Him
Christ has been born
Casting His halo on mere human-beings

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright 2015



There was a time,
You thought you could touch the sky
And your daydreams were of Fairy-tales
And believed that you could fly.

There was a time,
You build sandcastles
Put the victory flag on top
You were the ruler of the world.

Then came a time,
You grew up too fast
Nothing was what it seemed,
Innocence wasn’t meant to last,

Although it’s been so long,
And life has now moved on,
Remember, nothing’s truly gone,
Just hidden in memories from the upfront.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015



She danced
With her divine awe
No flaws
Lights shimmered
Like the brightest of stars
Embracing her
Diamonds and chandeliers

“An Angel?”
His eyes mesmerized
“Love at first sight?”
“Enchantment of some starry night?”
Her smile spoke, “Too fragile a mind!”

Clock’s hands united,
Just in a blink of an eye
She was gone
“Not even a Goodbye?”

He hovered upon time,
“Please rewind!”
A dream, on the edge of reality,
Turned its face to loneliness of eternity
As his world trembled
Her evanescence,
Left nothing but memories, oblivious

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015



A sudden rush through my veins
Even though,
I’ll have to let it slip away,
Like a tear drop in an ocean
And joy beneath the pain

I can live under these stars
They sparkle so bright.
Don’t need your senseless hate
I’ll survive my frights

Like a rain drop from the sky
I’ll melt away from your chains
They’ve smothered me for too long,
Soon you’ll witness
Your every essence is gone

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015


His Melancholy Strain

Music, in its saddest form;
With lyrics- monotonous and drawn
From thy lips of cherry, pale,
Words that flow
Into the air

Vibrations, waves,
Kiss my ears
Soft and sweet
Like an angel’s whisper,
Crystal clear

Lines of thee, fill
Cracks of thy broken heart
Twisted games,
And her lies on fire,
Burning in flames of desire

Emotions mingle with my brain,
And my heart craves for his insane
Feel of tainted love in my veins,
Electrocuting my blood
Eyes filled with rain

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015



Lifeless stray leaves turned rusty brown.
Breeze swirled ‘em up and down
Your body shivered and trembled
And those pale finger-tips went numb,
Until his embrace made you warm.

Time has long faded those moments,
Fragments of weathered memories linger here,
Frosty wind still sweeps through you
It’s getting cold, colder each year

Mirror reflects insanity of old age,
Twinkling, wrinkled, brown eyes hold your gaze.
Fragrance of dry roses creeps out of an old diary,
Pages left- torn, wet and teary.

Blissful silence prevails at night
Until your worst nightmares take control
His mournful voice, still haunts
Echoes through your soul.

So, hold on
To your delusional thoughts,
And listen to his soft whisper,
“I won’t let you fall”
-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty
Copyright © 2015



You rip her apart
Like your torn-up jeans,
Then ask how’s she doing
For answers that please.

Among what’s real
And what just seems to be
A shot in the dark,
Before the dawn breaks in.

Look beyond the eyes
Those adore your sins,
She loves you,
For everything you are and ever will be.

Don’t take her for granted,
For what it seems to be,
Life’s too hard to live alone
With wet pillows and crumbled empty sheets.

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015



Blurred morning
Sun’s gaze through curtains,
Illuminating greyest of walls,
Stroking gold on his face.
A dream? Shh! A secret!
That hazy scent…
Fresh and woody
Manly yet gentle
An aftershave?

Lingering fingertips, synchronous heartbeats,
Stars in my head, or a mistake?
Am I enough?
As that magnetic stare
Catches my breath,
Love, a sweet despair,
Remorse messing my hair.
I’m filled up
With bullets in my head.

Beyond Death’s deepest fear
And Love’s utmost hate
Your touch’s a paper-cut, red.
Isn’t it Love’s only color?
Isn’t it what you crave?
When your kiss
Makes me drown in you,
Your ‘poison’
Becomes my fate…

-Sanghamitra Chakrabarty

Copyright © 2015

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